Design & Consulting Services for Entrepreneurs & Architects


The architect / entrepreneur have to take major decisions concerning the façade at a very early phase of the design. Which systems, solutions, glass, cladding and other façade elements will be the best for the project, will be the most functional, will last a longer lifetime, will fit the architects desire, will fit the standards and will meet the entrepreneurs budget.

These significant decisions will eventually affect the projects outlook, lifetime, the dwellers life quality and obviously the project's cost

The façade consultant standing between the architect / entrepreneur to the contractors / manufactures and keeping the owner's interest

Our wide experience with most of the international standard, projects design and system development on the one hand and with the main worldwide contractors, suppliers and manufacturers on the other, allows us to custom the design to fit the project needs, the architects desires and the entrepreneurs budget.

Our services to the architect / entrepreneur

Project design phase
Study the project, understanding the design, the architecture, the requirements and the elements involved.
Make the technical / engineering and standard definitions
Design / define the suitable systems, elements and solutions
Prepare concept detail for the architect
3D modeling & illustrations

Tender phase
Prepare the tender concept details
Prepare the technical specifications documents & BOQ
Compare the bids
Mockup & test design

Execution phase
Check and approve drawings & details
Check and approve structural calculations and standards
Support the contractor providing smart solutions

General inspection of manufacturing and installation
Full particular inspection
Laboratory test inspection

We provide full detail reports at every stage so the client can follow the progress



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